About Us

For several years, we were the main supplier of leather goods for various mom and pop shops and boutiques around the world from San Francisco to London and Peru. Starting in 2020, we changed our entire business model because we decided we wanted to sell directly to our customers.


Because we were tired of seeing so many merchants on the internet today selling low quality leather that won’t last or even worse, selling fake leather, trying to pass it off as “real”.

These merchants ruin it for the honest sellers of high quality leather out there.

The people that suffer the most from this are... the customers.

We wanted to play our part in making the experience of buying and owning high quality leather products as easy and pleasurable as possible.


We work with the master craftsmen we've encountered during our travels and developed a trust with them to create the best products on the market.

We only use the best materials around. Handcrafted, premium leather goods from India. 

We never use synthetic, “fake leather” on our genuine leather goods and we only use the highest quality buffalo and goat leather.

We master the smallest details and test every zipper, rivet, fastening, and stitching before we ship.

Producing our own goods leads to the best quality control and the satisfaction our customers experience when they see our products is unmatched!

Your reviews are printed and framed on the walls so that we are reminded of you, the customer, every day. Thank you for being a part of the Montana Hudson® journey.


We take no shortcuts. We make no compromises.

Our vegetable tanning process takes 45 days from start to finish. Others use cheap chemicals to finish the process in less than 3 days. We use some of the highest grades of leather available.

Others use fake leather or low quality bonded leather while still calling themselves “genuine.” We own our own production facilities, others outsource and lack quality control. Compare our products side by side, and you’ll notice a difference. With Montana Hudson®, you know what you’re getting. We’re proud of keeping our promises to you, and we know you’ll be satisfied with our products.

Montana Hudson® promotes the concept of using nature friendly leather bags to the world. The goods produced by us are 100% eco friendly and are made using either buffalo or goat leather which is tanned without the use of any chemicals. These bags are handcrafted by artisans using traditional techniques learned in the remote areas of India.